I am seeking for highly motivated beautiful ladies from all regions that are interested in learning about the alternative lifestyle, and being trained as a professional dominatrix. Training will be provided by me, Mistress Zeth – a well respected dominatrix who is admired by her peers, and clients with 10 years of experience. Due to the mass amount of enquiries I get from clients, I cannot see everyone at once, so I am looking to recruit the best team of beautiful ladies to work alongside with me in Asia and Thailand. Flights will be covered, and you will be paid lucratively once your training is complete. I will also provide you all the necessary tools to work with, but I encourage that you start your own wardrobe of fetish attire that you wish to wear. Preference can be non-sexual, or sexual, the choice is completely yours. I am accepting ladies and ladyboys with an interest in fetish, kink, but also accepting those with an open-mind who want to learn.

If you would like to apply, use my contact form to make contact and I will reply to you with a request for more information such as your photos.